Companies are constantly working to communicate with their consumers and nowadays are facing more competition than ever. On a daily basis, people are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages, only some of which meet their own interests. And, over time, some consumers are learning to tune out much of the noise, making it even harder for brands to break through.


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But marketers are developing new marketing tools that can help them beat the competition.

Here are 10 of the top marketing tools every marketer should consider using to make this year’s campaigns a success.



In 2017, guest-posting on blogs will continue to be one of the best ways to reach new audiences. For that reason can help you find blogs that will help you maximize your posting efforts, track the process of your pitches and follow through on new opportunities.


  1. Wyng

Wyng is designed as a place for brands and marketers to develop and manage digital marketing campaigns. You can select from templates using a drag-and-drop builder and integrate your landing pages with existing software.


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  1. AdWords Performance Grader

If you still aren’t closely monitoring your Google AdWords performance, you may be losing money. The AdWords Performance Grader is a free tool that offers evaluation on your overall campaign performance, and even identifies areas where it projects that you’re wasting money.



You can learn a lot about your customers by paying attention to what they’re saying online. To monitor those online conversations, you can use a tool like, which helps you monitor where your customers are spending time online.


marketing tools


  1. Crazy Egg

Your metrics should include data on how visitors are interacting with various sections of your website. Crazy Egg offers heat maps that show how far your visitors scroll, where they click and on which area they’re abandoning your site.


  1. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a social media dashboard that offers scheduling for posts, multi-site management and built-in analytics. You can also build contests, quizzes and promotions. AgoraPulse integrates with Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram.


  1. Nuzzel

As you’re pitching ideas to blog hosts, you’ll likely find it important to keep up with what people are currently talking about. Nuzzel offers top news based on the search terms you enter. You can also sign in with your Twitter account and discover what your friends are sharing and discussing.


  1. Wistia

If you use YouTube as part of your online strategy, you may find the site’s analytics limited. Wistia provides insight into the people that are watching your videos. The solution also helps you create videos that will bring you better results.


  1. Keyhole

Companies use hashtags in their marketing with little insight into how to make them work. Keyhole offers you detailed analytics on various hashtags, including demographics and impressions. The information will help you better determine which hashtags to use for your next post.


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  1. Bananatag

Monitoring your email marketing is as essential as watching your website and social media platforms. Bananatag integrates with your existing email software to provide notifications when your emails have been opened.


Marketers already know they need marketing tools to be more effective in the work they do. It’s important to consistently evaluate those marketing tools, though, to ensure you have the most up-to-date technology.

With new solutions emerging every day, companies and marketing professionals that want to remain competitive should be keeping track of the latest trends.