So, you start dating an entrepreneur?


You need to be aware that it’s a wild ride, and if you aren’t an entrepreneur yourself, you may be caught off guard by their odd habits and quirks. But, don’t fret. Dating an entrepreneur could be a great experience, but there are a few thing you need to know.


dating an entrepreneur




  1. They read a lot about self-development and business.

Entrepreneurs rarely reach a point where they’re satisfied with their personal professional or progress. So usually, their shelves are full of business books, and their online bookmarks are full with links to self-development articles.


  1. They sometimes have a hard time “turning off.”

There is no such a thing “leaving your work at work” when you own a business. Instead, there are always things waiting to be done, and it’s hard not to fill bits of free time by checking off items on the to-do list. So if you are dating and entrepreneur, it may be challenging to convince him/her to spend their free time actually relaxing.


  1. They definitely don’t work a 8-to-4 schedule.

Entrepreneurs are required to fulfill a variety of roles: marketer, salesperson, content creator, leader, customer service and the list goes on and on. Their work days rarely fit into the 8-to-4 schedules you find with other jobs. Meaning that your entrepreneur may stay up late with their laptop, take a break in the middle of the day so the evening will be that much more productive or wake at the crack of dawn to work on a business plan.


  1. They ask a lot of questions.                 

Entrepreneurs will never finished with learning process. Even when the topic has nothing to do with their own business, usually they’re naturally curious, asking a million questions to gain as much knowledge as possible. By dating an entrepreneur, you’re dating both someone who will challenge you to always keep learning and a treasure trove of information.


  1. They don’t enjoy spending time with lazy people.

To preserve their own motivation, entrepreneurs like to surround themselves with equally capable and inspired individuals. They love to bounce business ideas off of other entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives, and they especially enjoy spending time with those who push them to work harder and smarter. Usually, lazy people do the very opposite.


  1. You’ll learn a lot about entrepreneurship.

The stories and troubles your partner shares will teach you more than you can imagine. Maybe you’re not planning on opening a startup business anytime soon, but your second-hand experience in the real business will make you an honorary entrepreneur.




  1. You’ll watch shows like ‘Silicon Valley’ and movies like ‘The Social Network.’

Business owners can’t get enough of their crazy lifestyle off-screen, so they seek it out on-screen, too. So if you are dating and entrepreneur, expect to watch biographical movies like “Jobs” or some dramas like “The Pursuit of Happyness.” The characters inspire them to aim higher and work harder.


  1. Their emotions fluctuate very often.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged by success and disappointed by any slow in progress in their business. While this is typical of most people, entrepreneurs tend to experience crazier rollercoasters than others, they may be excited one moment and irritated the next.


  1. You need to remind them not to spread themselves too thin.

In order to achieve as much as possible, entrepreneurs take on nearly every project they’re invited to join. This is a great way to feel accomplished, but it can also result in burnout, so you need to act as a bit of a safety net.


  1. They think and care about you more than you may know.

Not everyone is willing or able to date an entrepreneur for the reasons above, which means if you can, you’re all the more special. Your dedication means more to your partner than you may can imagine.