Being more productive means striking a better work-life balance and learning to mitigate the little stress that eat away at efficiency and the psyche.


These hacks will help you maximize your time and happiness.


Productivity Hacks



1. Know Thyself


Most of the time, being more productive means striking a better work-life balance and learning to mitigate the little stress that eat away at productivity and the mind.

These hacks will help you maximize your time and happiness.

What time are you at peak efficiency? you should schedule your most crucial tasks during that time. If you’re a genius between the hours of 09 p.m. and midnight, then by golly, do whatever you have to do to block off that time and get them done.


2. Skip Facebook

Productivity Hacks

It may be tempting to log in and just peek at what your news feed is up to, but that’s a dangerous move when you’re trying to get something done. Before you know it, you’re tangled in a web of cute animal videos and profile stalking, and it’s 40 minutes later before you realize you’ve entered the Facebook time warp.

One study showed 23 percent of workers said Facebook is for “wasting time.”

But what if it’s your job to manage social media profiles for a company? Try staying within scheduling apps like Hootsuite so you’re not tempted to log in Facebook at Work product that promises to keep work and personal separate on the network and limit distractions from screaming goats.


3. Ditch the Smartphone

The average smartphone user checks his or her phone 221 times each day. Putting your phone out of sight during work hours helps get it off your mind. Unless, you’re so far gone that you experience phantom phone vibrations. In that case, start reconsidering your association with technology.

4. Forget Multitasking and Just Focus

Productivity Hacks

You may believe you’re being more productive by sending those emails during a conference call, but NO. Multitasking reduces efficiency and the quality of work (plus, research shows it literally lowers your IQ). So when you have to get something done, just focus on the task at hand for best results.

And keep in mind that studies demonstrate the human brain can focus for 90 to 120 minutes at a time before it needs a break.


5. Reimagine Your Inbox

Emails build a to-do list that other individuals create for you. So you need to manage that daily disturbance somehow.

Schedule certain times of the day that you check emails, and stick with that time. You can try tackling email first thing in the morning, after lunch, and at the end of day. And of course turn off email notifications.

If you think this is going to be a problem for your teams or clients, let them know ahead of time how you communicate during the day.

You can also look into apps that let you get a handle on your inbox, like Productive Inbox , SimplyFile, or Boomerang for Gmail.

Productivity Hacks


6. Change Your Scenery

If you’re feeling a little foggy mid-afternoon, take a look out the window into nature. No window near you? No problem, simply looking at a computerized image of nature help you increase focus.

Far better though is to take a short walk outside. Research shows that a 30-minute lunchtime walk can help people cope with stress and boosts energy for the rest of the afternoon.


7. Meditate

Only 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation can lead you to more rational business decisions. Not to mention much better teamwork, being more creative, and a entire slew of health benefits.

You are not the yoga type? Try the Headspace app, which has brought meditation to the masses. So simply go ahead and get your ohm on.

8. Ask for Help and Delegate

There is power in numbers. What’s more, there are things you’re just not great at and probably don’t want to do. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with tasks or underwhelmed by the repetitive work on your plate, ask for help.

Ensured there is someone out there who can do the tasks you don’t want to 10 times better (start looking in Upwork), so find the individual and delegate!


9. Create Innovation Time

Productivity Hacks

Google made famous the idea of giving team members a percentage of time to work outside their everyday projects and on what they think would most profit the company.

In case you’re continually “doing,” you have no time and opportunity to innovate. Making almost same widget day after day does not allow you to think about what new widgets you may make.

Try putting aside time to work on something that will move the needle.


10. Be Agile

The agile way to building products and software and managing projects is finding its way into different areas of business and even into people’s personal lives.

A popular technique is Scrum, which breaks large tasks into little items that are worked on and completed typically within a one-week sprint.


11. Get Ergonomic

Sitting is the new smoking, don’t you know. And some research suggests that even if you exercise but still sit for hours and hours, your health is at risk. Not to mention aches, pains, and fatigue. They can be a real killer of productivity.

Fortunately, there’s been innovation in workstations that offer affordable sit-stand options. Those can be chairs that move with you more naturally or desks that recline and even allow you to take a nap.