One of the most difficult questions as part of interview with a new company can be negotiating salary. You can find tons of tips out there, and one of the most helpful is to know what someone in that position might earn before going into the negotiation.


It may seem like a small detail to you, but negotiating on the front end can have an exponential effect on your future salary.


One calculation shows that with an average annual pay increase of 5%, an employee who’s starting annual salary was $55,000 rather than $50,000 would earn an additional $600,000+ over the course of a 40-year career.


Question is how to go into your next job interview as prepared as possible? I would love to share a few online calculators with you!



Hired offers a free salary calculator for data scientists, software engineers, product managers, designers and sales representatives.






Payscale allows you to compare your salary in real-time with other employees around the world.





LinkedIn’s new Salary tool provides free median base salary and median total compensation information when you share the amount of your own salary (privately and for data gathering purposes).

calculators calculators calculators



Glassdoor uses salaries submitted to them to give you an idea of how much you might make in a particular role and location, or maybe even at a specific organization.




The Transparent Buffer Salary Calculator means that anyone can see what they might make at Buffer by plugging in their own data for experience, location and so forth.



Although this isn’t an overall industry calculator, we’ve been blown away by how many startups have adopted our salary strategy. Surely, the calculator and a look at how we create our formula can give you a few extra data points as you go into a negotiation.




How different are they?


I put together the results from every salary calculator for a junior developer living in New York (we chose developer since it was a role that each of the calculators offered). Here are the results (from lowest to highest):

  • PayScale: $48,338 – $97,403
  • Glassdoor: $59,296
  • LinkedIn: $75,000
  • Buffer: $98,950
  • Hired: $112,00


Why are they different?


The focus for each of these calculators is something to keep in mind. Half of these calculators focus on salaries from the tech industry.

LinkedIn, Glassdoor and PayScale are all using salary data from various industries and sources. They might have more data from industries other than tech which could be a bit lower for developers in particular.