A new study says that the way to a more productive and focused workday that’s good for your health too, is this five-minute trick every hour throughout the day.




This morning, as I waited for the elevator in a lobby crowded with people, I overheard tense discussions about anxiety and nervousness and flooding inboxes.


On any normal day, you’re additionally facing a mountain of work, a growing to-do list, and multiple demands from your boss, co-workers, or clients.


Since you can’t very well turn around and go home, there’s no choice but to push through and get through the workday. That sounds great in theory, but how do you actually do that in practice? Also, how would you do it quick?


I recommend taking a cue from science





A new study, as reported by The New York Times, clarifies that standing up and walking around for a mere five minutes every hour reaps big benefits, ranging from state of mind lifting, fatigue-combatting, and hunger-pain dulling.




Participants reported that their “feelings of vigor” developed as the day went on when they were reliably dynamic—instead of basically being dynamic in the morning for thirty minutes or something like that.
While there’s no reason you should skip your morning workout if that’s part of your every day routine, there’s evidence to recommend that regular activity throughout the day is hugely helpful to your well-being.


While you may not be able to get your company to spring for a standing desk or have the luxury of working out in the middle of the day, you can most definitely get up and move for five minutes. When you rise to fill your water glass or head to the restroom, make a point to going the long way.


Extra focuses if you can actually get outside or decide to take a few flights of stairs.