The big question leaders and business owners are racking their brains with these days is how to engage younger employees, especially millennials.


Millennials are known for some specific characteristics, none of which is particularly flattering. They’ve also been called the generation that doesn’t want to be tied down. More specifically, millennials prefer to work from home, want to travel and are thought of as being overly sensitive and unwilling to receive any criticism.




No surprise, then, that these stereotypes have left a bad taste in a lot of employers’ mouths. But, there is one CEO who says he’s found a way to see all those traits as a positive, is Arash Shirazi, CEO of The Bullitt Agency. For almost two decades the agency has represented some of the world’s best-known electronic music artists.


In today’s world, understanding millennials as both consumers and employees has become crucial to business success, seeing as how millennials are industry’s primary demographic. Arash, 42, member of Generation X, is aware of how the millennial generation operates, and says he create a proactive approach to engaging them in ways that speak to their aspirations.


Millennials seek a higher purpose in their work. Shirazi says that he try to come up with things that will give them meaningful experiences, which makes their work more rewarding.”


Companies can and they should meaningfully engage with their millennial employees.

Here are five key tricks how to do it: