millennialsMillennials, are people from 1935, and their current number is 75.4 million.


They may not still be fully present, but they’re certainly the future. These uninitiated minds will soon become our doctors, scientists, politicians, chefs, television producers, fashion designers etc. But the question is, are they ready for it?


Time after time, millennials have proven to be little spoiled, anti-intellectual brats who place far too much emphasis on feelings and nowhere near enough emphasis on critical thinking.


So it’s time millennials to understand these 7 harsh realities of life so we don’t end up with a generation of gutless adult babies running the show.


  1.  Your Feelings Are Irrelevant


Nobody who has already graduated college cares about your feelings. That means that when you complain to your boss, that your co-worker mis-gendered you, he’s probably not going to bend over backwards to bandage your wounds. 

You have to learn to accept criticism, alternative viewpoints, and even outright insults will make you happier in the long run than playing the victim card.


The reality is that coworkers will offend you and hurt your feelings, and they won’t stop to mop up your tears because they shouldn’t have to.  




  1.  You Cannot Be Whatever You Want To Be


It is good to motivate your kids, but parents start using some comforting lie to boost their children in school. Unfortunately, millennials are now convinced it’s true, especially as society has now decided to push this narrative as well. The reality is if you’re 16 years old and still can’t figure out what to do, you’re not going to be biotechnological scientist.

If you lack fine motor skills, you’re not going to be a heart surgeon. And it’s totally okay to accept that you cannot be whatever you want to be. In fact, once you accept this, you’ll be able to focus on the things you really are talented at.


  1.  Gender Studies Is A Waste Of Money


Yeah that is right. Some millennials taking useless degrees will claim they’re beneficial for teaching or research positions. The real picture is that they just put themselves several thousands dollars in debt to learn how to be a professional victim. While you’re struggling to make ends meet after graduation because nobody who pays more than minimum wage is interested in your qualifications and you’re drowning in student loan debt, be sure to check out the next harsh reality before you start complaining.


  1.  If You Live In America, You’re Already In The 10%


Even though you work at McDonald’s for minimum wage because you got a useless, expensive college degree, you’re still far better off than the vast majority of the planet. Don’t believe in this? Try to fly to Uganda and check out the situation there. Fly to Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and even European countries like Ukraine and Greece, and you’ll quickly discover the real truth.


  1.  You Don’t Have A Right To It Just Because You Are Born


millenialsI this I mean healthcare, guaranteed income, and somewhere to live. Just because you’re here and breathing doesn’t mean humanity owes you anything. Like the billions of people who lived before you, working hard is the best guarantee of wealth and the ability to comfortably take care of yourself than begging the government to do it for you. Demanding healthcare, for example, is equivalent to demanding government force the taxpayer to pay for it.


  1.  You DO Have The Right To Live As You Want— But Not To Demand People Accept It


By contrast, you do have the right to live the way as you want, as long it’s within the confines of the law. If you want to smoke marijuana, cross-dress, drink lots of alcohol or have lots of sex, you have the right to go for it. Government should not be allowed to legislate your behavior as long as it doesn’t infringe upon someone else’s rights. But regarding your action society is allowed to have their own opinion. You don’t have the right to ask people to keep their opinions about your lifestyle to themselves, especially if you’re open and public about it. I have as much of a right to comment on the way you live your life as you do to actually live it.