Breaking the question of what will actually lead you to success can help you focus on the right areas of your personal development, improvement and make you more successful in your career, business, and life in general.


Well, you don’t have a lot of time. You want to focus your efforts where you can have the most impact.


We’ve been conditioned to believe that smart people who work hard are bound to succeed. In fact, if you’re super smart, you should be able to write your own ticket, so to speak.


Is intelligence really the most critical success factor?


Not necessarily.




Research suggests that intelligence may not define success as much as we’ve thought. Being intelligent can take you far, but emotional intelligence may be even more important than an exceptional intelligence.




Dr. Arthur Poropat, senior lecturer at Griffith University, conducted reviews on the “Big 5” personality factors: conscientiousness, openness, emotional stability, extraversion, and agreeableness. People with high levels of these traits were more likely to achieve high grades than people with high IQs.


Other research from the Carnegie Institute of Technology found that emotional intelligence is a way more important success factor than standard intelligence when it comes to your financial success. Actually, 85 percent of financial success comes from people skills and only 15 percent comes from technical knowledge.


Don’t worry if you weren’t gifted with an exceptionally high IQ. You can still be successful and dominate in your field. These positive personality traits can be learned, built, and strengthened over time.


In the infographic below,there are eight essential success factors that are even more important than being with exceptional IQ. That is how self-regulation, a growth mindset, resilience, passion, empathy, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and social skills can all help you become successful in your own life and drive your career (or business) to greater heights.