You finally have a job with a true career path?

That’s so exciting. You just started the job so you have a huge amount to learn, but also you need to plan ahead.


Question is what should you do right from the start in order to be more likely to get promoted later?




Here is a list of 9 simple habits that will help you get promoted down the road:


1. Stay awake and aware.

Your new position will keep throwing new challenges and learning opportunities at you. So grab them, learn everything you can and capture the learning you’re getting. Stay awake to constant changes in your work environment and your workflow, and make suggestions about ways to upgrade your processes.


2. Be reliable and be prompt.

Be useful and stay on top of your commitments to customers, co-workers, managers and anyone else you interact with. Be the person everyone can rely on.


3. Be professional.

From your attire to your conversations, be professional at work and anywhere you are in contact with your co-workers and associates. Think about your language, your understanding of the business and your compassion for your teammates. Everything you do and say broadcasts who you are. Make sure those informations are in sync with your values.


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4. Be open to learning and teaching.

When employees get promoted at work it’s because their managers can see that they are ready to operate at a higher altitude. Show your managers you’re ready by staying open to give your know-how to others and also be open to learn from your co-workers, too.


5. Rise above drama.

Sometimes work can be stressful. It is easy to participate in or listen to conversations about the nasty supervisor, the co-worker who doesn’t carry their weight or some other gossip-type topic. If you want to get promoted in future, don’t join in those conversations. Rise above the office drama, it doesn’t help you. Instead it drags you down.


promoted6. Climb up in altitude.

Once you understand and feel comfortable at your own job, think from a higher perspective about your department and its role in your company. Think about the company’s goals and have a clear vision on your personal goals, also.


7. Read the energy.

Every company is an energy field. Goals are important, but energy waves make our goals easier or harder to attain. Notice how co-workers around you are feeling and talking. Fear in your working environment is the biggest stress-inducer and business impediment there is. Notice it, and talk about it!


8. Thank and acknowledge people.

You don’t have to wait for future management title to thank and acknowledge your co-workers. The best habit to cultivate as a teammate is the habit of reinforcing your teammates’ triumphs, and seeing and acknowledging their frustrations, too. Everybody wants to be recognized and no one gets enough recognition.


9. Get comfortable asking “What can I do differently next time?”

Most co-workers will not give you feedback unless you ask for it because they’ll think you might find them presumptuous if they do. Find the people you trust in your workplace and enlist them as informal mentors by asking them “You saw my proposal. Be honest please, what could I do differently next time?” If they are also comfortable, share your feedback with them too. All of us need people on our corner and on our side.


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You are maybe a new employee, but they hired you for your brains and heart as well as the rest of you. Use your own judgment about which opinions to offer, and do not silence and squelch them just because you are new or young.

What’s great about these 9 habits is that cultivating them is even more helpful for you personally than it is beneficial to your employer.

You are stepping into your power, no matter what your job title is. Hurrah for you!