“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it’s very important you do it anyway.”


Okay now Gandhi, am I supposed to be okay with this quote? Am I expected to accept the fact all I do and say and write will most likely vanish the moment I die?


I avoid reading those words because it reminds me if I die tomorrow, the world would keep turning. People in my life would accept and move forward. That’s how people survive.


Everything would be fine since I am average from head to toe.

BUT you must and it is very important to know the difference between “average” and “insignificant.”




When I first read that Gandhi quote, I heard:

“You are insignificant, but keeping yourself busy is important.”

Which is so not true.


You are not insignificant. I am not insignificant. No one is insignificant. Even we average people have our place in this world.




Is what we do insignificant? I don’t know. Maybe. Probably.







But I’m starting to think you can make more of a difference in the world just being average. Well, that is a shame in light of the fact that the Internet gurus look very poorly on “average” individuals.


Everything in life is a trade-off. Some of us are born with high passion for academic learning. Others are born with great physical skills. Some are basketball players. Others are artistic.


In terms of skills and talents, humans are a wildly different group of smelly creatures. Of course, what we end up achieving in life mostly relies on our practice and effort, but we are all born with different aptitudes and potentials.


We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. But the truth is, most of us are pretty average at most things we do. Even if you’re really exceptional at one thing for instance, math, or Cisco, or business negotiation, chances are you’re pretty average or below average at most other things. That’s just the nature of life.







To become exceptionally great at something, you have to dedicate time and energy to it. And just because we all have limited time and energy, only few of us ever become truly exceptional at more than one thing, if anything at all.


Average means you are just a human being. There is no farce. There is no “personal brand” to keep up. It is simply you and everyone else and life. We are all struggling to figure it out spinning in circles on this random rock 92 million miles far from a fireball which gives us life.


We may as well embrace it.






BUT, this does not mean that you should except the fact that you are average and live like average person.



NO! You must put the time and effort to become more and achieve more. To become exceptional at something.  To become successful. And to become happy.