phone callingThis is the situation. After making a lot of initial calls to identify a decision maker, and then a lot of follow up calls to get them to pick up the phone.

Your objective is to obtain an agreement to meet with you. Let me give you two examples:


Number 1: Your target picks up the phone.




“This is Michelle prospector from Super Service Group. We specialize in providing widgets, hardware design and implementation services. Companies like Brito Corporations and Amalgamated work with us due to our expertise, competitive pricing and quick response. If you are looking for option regarding hardware design and implementation services, we would like to introduce ourselves and provide information on a few things.  Would you have any time in the next week or two?


Now it is typical to work through several scripts before you settle phone calling concept, that feels most comfortable and gets the result you want.


Number 2: Your target picks up the phone.


This is Josh List from Super Service Group. We specialize in helping companies select widgets, hardware design and implementation services which best meet their needs. Companies like Brito Corporations and Amalgamated use us because we are experts and our prices are very competitive. I have no idea if you might be looking for options regarding technology equipment. If you are, we would like the opportunity to introduce ourselves, give you some information and strategies to improve delivery costs and cost reduction. If you hear something you like and think of us in the future that would be great. Would you have time in the next week or two?




phone callingThe phone calling scheme of this script works. Any sale is only as strong as the infrastructure it is built upon. This scrips represents the infrastructure.


Understand that in order to achieve your phone calling objective, there are impressions you must be prepared to convey. If you don’t do that you will have no right to think your target is going to agree to a meeting. The less you convey, the less successful you will be.


You have 5 seconds to click.


Within the first 5 seconds after saying “Hello”, your target is going to make a decision. Is this person worth listening to or not.




I believe that once their mind shuts down, you could tell them you want to show up with $5,000 cash, they will turn you down. If they don’t perceive you as someone who is worthwhile, nothing can impact them.


You must give those people the information they need to conclude that they should meet with you, talk with you and explore your proposal.




Notice that I did NOT include the sentence, “Hi, how are you today?” This is Josh List from…….. Is this a good time to talk?


Firstly, NOBODY CARES. You don’t care about how they are doing, and they already know you don’t care about it.


It waste precious seconds and it gives them time to think that you are like other “call agents” who waste their time.


Don’t make it easy for them to lump you in with the rest of the idiots.




Some commonly used worlds self-sabotage your effort. Can you believe that people actually open their calls like this:

How are you?

I’ll be brief

Have you got a minute?


Why is this insane? Scot Channell in his book 7 Steps to Sales Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting is saying that the first few seconds of the call are crucial to them deciding you are worthwhile to talk to. So if you are not perceived to be credible or touch some hot button you might help them with, you are toast.