There are numerous elements to being an entrepreneur.


You need to give a marketable and commercially viable product or service. You need working capital or credit to bring your idea to a real business.


You then need to present your product or service to the target customers. There are numerous sources offering information and resources for entrepreneurs.





One concept that many new entrepreneurs have an issue is branding. Many business owners and startups have a general understanding of product branding.


But, they don’t fully understand the concept and value of corporate or business branding. Product branding refers to distinguishing your products from others in the market and showing how your product or services are better, different and more desirable than others.




Corporate or business branding extends that concept to a whole business, however has the added value of tying all products and services offered together. It can do this by associating branding and identifying business vision. The added value of the company ethos is seen by potential customers, investors and extends to the boardroom. Obviously, Branding Strategy Insider, Corporate Branding Strategy Defined.


The importance of THE FIRST IMPRESSION 




An often ignored and missed opportunity for corporate or business branding is branding through office design. Sterling Communications, a Silicon Valley Public Relations firm, suggests in their tips for improving brand image that a business should demonstrate their brand values throughout their whole company.


They say that first impressions are very important and lasting and that a business should be consistent in its brand.





Many entrepreneurs spend lots of time and effort choosing just the right colors and logo designs for their packaging, business cards, and letterhead. They likewise spend noteworthy cash furnishing their offices and work spaces.


But, their offices may show their individual style or be in character with the personality of the owner of the business, there is no connection to the branding through office design.


Your offices/workplaces might be extravagant and opulent with fine collectible furniture or have a very chic industrial style that is completely disconnected from your corporate brand. This failure through office design disregards every one of the three of the above tips for upgrading your corporate brand.





You would not use a different logo or tagline on your business cards and stationery. You most likely ensured that the font utilized in all your corporate communications is similar. Your receptionists have likely been instructed how to answer the phones and greet customers/clients. So, there is consistency within the brand.


Why not forward your branding through office design?
First impressions can last. Before a potential client or customer first comes to visit your business, you should give lots of thought to the message that your office design is sending. Is there consistency, or is everyone’s work space distinctive and disconnected from the others?




There can be some unique personality in each work space. But,  not to the point where the different styles clash to the point of communicating a lack of unity or teamwork. There should be a common theme and a conscious effort to communicate the branding through office design. It is way better than just furnishing the office with functional utilitarian furnishings.




Branding through office design gives you as an entrepreneur an extra chance to show and reinforce the brand. Keep in mind, the basic purpose of branding is to distinguish yourself from competitors and other products and services in your industry.




You are not setting your company apart when your offices look nearly identical to those of your competitors. You are proud of the brand you are building. Don’t just show that pride with your website or stationary. Reinforce it in the place you and all your employees spend most of the time.


Since you comprehend the significance of business branding through office design, it is time to take advantage of this otherwise untapped opportunity to build and reinforce your brand.


Evaluate the essential elements of your brand and how it is perceived in the marketplace. Once you have defined the key elements, it is then time to different yourself from your competitors. Of course with unique branding through office design.


If you cannot do this by yourself and you need help, contact an interior designer with expertise in branding through office design.