While making a FB research on recent series of posts on major brands, I’ve managed to overlook Coca-Cola FB page. So, I came up with several conclusions.


First of all we have to mention that Coca-Cola is one of those instantly recognizable brands that would rake in fans and followers without even trying.


So, extra credit is given that it has active accounts across the social web.


Coca-Cola FB page has attracted something more than 99 million fans. Which isn’t that surprising as it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world.


One of the benefits that comes with its international celebrity, is the ability to leave its Facebook page unattended for long periods of time.


Other famous brands such as Red Bull and ASOS publish out several updates per day in order to keep their fans updated and interested.

In comparison Coca-Cola FB page often goes for several days without posting anything.


Besides that, Coca-Cola doesn’t have its own stores so its social strategy is slightly different.

It’s all about customer engagement, maintaining the brand image and raising awareness of its ad campaigns.


The main question is how Coca-Cola is achieving to have 4K likes on their FB posts?

The answer is, besides their regular advertisements about Coke’s bear, Santa, Olympics etc…

Coca-Cola FB strategy is focused on connecting their product with the latest world news.


So for example the latest news was connected with the elections. The post gathered almost 2K likes and a lot of shares.

As part of the Coca-Cola FB strategy is posting something which is popular in that period and people get engage about.


Coca-cola FB


Another example is the news for Coca-cola ambassador Tatyana McFadden and in 4 hours the post gather 4K likes.


Coca-cola FB



Along with it in order to provide higher engagement, the social team also pose questions and run polls fairly often.

However images yield a far better response from fans in terms of ‘likes’ and shares.

Coca-Cola also has a number of Facebook pages, including one called ‘When will happiness strike’ that is basically a video reel of its ads.

Another is called ‘Ahh Giver’ that allows fans to send a personalized message. Besides that, fans can send a free Coke to any Facebook friend.


Along with it, Coca-Cola also has Facebook pages for its other products such as Coke Zero and Diet Coke, however these FB pages have far fewer fans.


Interestingly, the Diet Coke page has attracted two million ‘likes’ by posting daily fashion content of the Diet Coke man. This is interesting strategy because is raising awareness how average man which drinks Diet Coke should look like.

Coca-cola FB