It’s a dream for each small business owner to work with fresh cup of espresso and a laptop from which you can get everything done. 

It’s the coffee shop as office. Or so called coffice.

Besides the provided benefits, there are also challenges to stay productive when the setting is so alluring. 
You have to be aware of the realities of the coffice and know how to accomplish your to-do list buzzing over that brilliant cup of coffee. 

coffice productivity


For that reason we are going to provide you with four tips for maintaining your coffice productivity:


Listen to music

Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Also while working in a coffee shop, music can help you prevent all sound distractions of other people involved.

When a task is clearly defined and repetitive in nature, research suggests that music is consistently helpful. When you have writing task or more logical exercise, it is recommendable to listen something which doesn’t have signing like Mozart, Beethoven etc. If you listen music with lyrics, it can become distraction and influence your mind on negative way.  


coffice productivity Keep Paperwork Moving

Working at coffee shop doesn’t mean you have to be near a fax machine to send or receive important documents securely. Internet fax and scan apps let you send or scan any documents, such as contracts or purchase orders, from your mobile device and even allow you to edit, sign and forward documents right from your cafe table.



Meet in the Coffice

Try to book your meeting with clients at the coffee shop. You will safe time to travel to the other side of the city and will contribute for your coffice productivity. Along with it you lose the intimidation part of walking into a corporate setting, a journey in and of itself. Meeting on neutral turf in the coffice can help you fell more relaxed.



Save money

Working from the coffice doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can drink one coffee during 3 hours, and you can save money. Free apps save you money on paper, toner and fax machine repairs, and don’t require a landline for connectivity. There is free WiFi and free electricity for charging your laptop. And what can you do with that extra budget? More coffee and muffins, of course.


Are you working  in coffee shop? Share with us how do you achieve your coffice productivity?