You are submitting several job applications and all the time you get the same response:

You didn’t pass the job interview.

So you may start thinking that you will never find normal job and other applicant are better than you.

creative CV

But NO NO NO, never discourage yourself, good things come to those who hustle.


First step that you need to do is to review your CV application.

First rule is that you need to make research where you are applying and for what job position.

After you will get the data, if you don’t want to update your CV for each job application than writing motivational letter for each company is a must.


When it comes to the creative CV design, ARE YOU STANDING OUT OF THE CROWD, or you are using the oldest template ever?

So before to go with the creative variant, you need to check for who you are applying and does they will get annoying if you go to far with colors.

For that reason we will show you templates which are extremely creative, full with colors and some which are more conservative but still with interesting details, so the requite can easily remember you.


Most importantly, information should be presented in a clear, concise, easy-to-read format.

CV pictureIt shouldn’t take recruiters more than 5 minutes to figure out your name because you wrote it in some weird font. Some other things that you have to include:



  • Your full name and contact information.
  • Highlight your key professional accomplishments.
  • Include dates so that recruiters have idea of your professional timeline.




When it comes to the development of creative CV, if you are not professional designer don’t worry there are sites which can allow you to make it for free, just remember color psychology is also very important. 

You can find the following templates on Canva, and download the first two for free.


creative cv

Creative CV

Creative CV


Some more serious, but still with interesting details you can find on Kickresume

Creative CV

Creative CV

Along with the CV and the motivational letter you have to know how to act on your first interview, what to respond on ambiguous questions etc.

So, TIPSSO TEAM wish you luck on you next interview, and please share with us your details ( :