Who doesn’t have a fear of the winter plague?


When your co-worker starts sneezing next to you, there’s nothing you’d rather do than run and hide. When you’re shaking hands with clients, you’re silently hoping they washed their hands (and don’t say don’t).
Fortunately, there are plenty of handy items you can keep right on your desk to stay healthy the whole winter season. Whether it’s to fight off a cold, avoiding getting your co-worker’s cold, or just boost your immune system in general.


This 11 things you must (in my personal, humble opinion) stock up on—some more practical, some are truly enjoyable to have.


1. Hand Warmers, $20




When the heat’s on low or you’re extremely cold, this little accessory will warm you back up. And help you get back to typing.


2. Hand Sanitizer, $12




This should be enough to get you through all the handshakes and door holdings you’ll do this winter. Plus this one doubles as a stress-reliever.


3. Tissues, $2




Definitely a staple during the cold months—but who says your tissues can’t have some flare?


4. Smartphone Sanitizer, $20




I believe you are aware your phone could easily be the cause of that sudden flu. So get to it before it gets you.


5. Mini Desk Cleaner, $5




Keep your space dust (and germ) free with this tiny helper.


6. Healthy Snacks, $3




Help keep your immune system strong by stocking up on healthy snacks you can reach for when a craving calls,

Or, you can simply try packing a healthy lunch instead of making a run to the nearest burger joint.


7. Tea, $13




Having a batch of good wellness teas can make all the difference when you start to get the sniffles.


8. Water Bottle, $10




This bottle will be your daily reminder to stay hydrated.  And away from sodas.


9. USB Humidifier, $10




For those lucky enough to have a private office, this USB humidifier’s the perfect way to keep the room from getting too dry.


10. Stress Ball, $2




This guy gets you—and he’ll even let you squeeze your frustrations out on him when your face looks like his.


11. Medicine




As your mother said, always best to be prepared for the worst. So, probably a good idea to have Dayquil, Emergen-C, and cough drops handy at all times.