Is your social media engagement dropping?


Maybe you need some inspiration to pump up your social media marketing?


In this article I’ll share pages from both large and small brands, and tips how to incorporate their tactics into your social media marketing plan.




Domino’s really wants to make it accessible to order pizza, so company let customers request delivery of their favorite pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji to the @Dominos Twitter account, or by using the hashtag #EasyOrder. The tweet strategy earned Domino’s media coverage from the likes of Forbes, USA Today and Good Morning America.


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Qatar Airways as part of their social media marketing strategy posts a number of pictures about soccer in America, which is what their fans get excited about. Fans are very responsive and interactive to questions and posts on the company’s page.

Qatar Airways also changes their cover photo very often, which is a great way to promote something new.


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#3: DOVE


Dove always has engaging strategy on social media. But one campaign that I want to point out is the inspiring video which helped Dove get close to half a million views and thousands of likes, comments and shares. The most interesting is that in the video they hardly mention the brand. This isn’t a commercial—they’re sharing a story.

Dove also encourages interaction by tagging fans and asking them to tell a story about someone who means something to them. Tagging someone else in a post can also be a very effective way to help get the word out about a timeline contest and create effective social media strategy.





In February 2016, Taco Bell announced its “first-ever, blind pre-order” as part of their new menu item. Fans could online order the mystery item and pick it up between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. at their local shop.

The cross-channel marketing strategy, was utilized on Twitter, Snapchat and Super Bowl TV ads, and create desire for a new menu addition, according to Beltzer. The secret item on the menu, the “Quesalupa,” was revealed during the Super Bowl. Experts rated this as successfully integrated social media strategy.


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#5: OREO


Oreo continues to dominate on Facebook with their delicious cookie. They are combining beautiful images with recipes and a creative use of hashtags.

The #OOTD hashtag stands for Outfit Of The Day and it’s widely used. Notice in the illustration below that Oreo isn’t hijacking the hashtag, rather engaging in a fun way.


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effective social media




Humans of New York is a bit different that regular brands, and the story started as a photographer telling stories. After it was developed into a book and a movement to connect on a deeper level with individual people who live in New York and to show the rest of the world the street life of a regular New York citizen.


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Agilent Technologies is a B2B company that uses their Facebook page to tell where their instruments are being used.

Agilent also make bond with people by sharing personal information. For example, as part of their effective social media strategy they publish their longest-serving employee with then and now photos and a link to her story.


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This restaurant has a small fan base, but has good engagement strategy by running contests.

Illegal Pete’s also connects to their fans via the Postmates app and they run an engaging contest and give away some award to the winners.


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TIPSSO TEAM wish you luck in your effective social media strategy and please share with us your creative output 🙂