For a great many people, negative emotions feel terrifying, just like a scary monster under the bed. You try to ignore the monster by hiding your face under the covers, but the more you try to avoid it, the larger and scarier the monster becomes. Your imagination keeps churning out an awful image and it brings you scary thoughts.


Negative Emotions

You’d love to confront the monster, but it’s just too scary, you don’t have that much strength. That’s the way most people feel about negative thoughts. They want to make the thoughts never come back to them. But, they feel terrified and hopeless.
You know things can’t continue going this way, one way or another something has to change. Relax. It’s all going to be just okay. What you need is a very clear, easy to read guide, that will help you learn how to use your mind to remain calm and stay positive whenever you’re angry or in a negative state of mind.


1. Take Responsibility


The fastest approach that totally cures negative emotions is to immediately say “I am responsible”, whenever something happens that triggers anger or a negative reaction of any kind.

Great percent of the population never accepts complete responsibility for their life. Most people keep complaining, making an excuse, criticizing, and continues blaming others for the things in their life about which they are not happy.

Individuals don’t want to accept responsibility. They spill hot coffee on themselves and sue the restaurant that sold them the hot coffee in the first place. People get drunk, drive off the road, and then proceed to sue the manufacturer of the fifteen year old car they were driving.


Negative Emotions


The question most people ask in any negative circumstance is, whose fault is it? And the bitter truth is that nobody really wants to accept the blame. So they end up blaming others. But if you want to be truly happy, get unstuck, and be at peace with everyone, you have to be willing to take responsibility instead of blaming others and that’s by saying “I am responsible” for killing the feelings of negativity.


“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln


2. Use Your Intelligence


Have you heard of the old Indiana story? “On my shoulder are two wolves, one is a black wolf, evil, who continually tempts me to do and say the wrong things. On my other shoulder is a white wolf, good, that continually encourages me to take responsibility and live up to my very best.”

The listener asks the old man, “which one of these wolves has the greatest power over you? The old man replied, “the one I feed.” The law of substitute says you can substitute a negative thought for a positive one. But here’s the deal, your mind is allowed to hold one thought at a time, and the choice is yours to use your intelligence and willpower in giving you the chance to rule your mind.

Whenever there’s a negative situation, keep saying to yourself, “I choose to be positive”. Regardless of what happens, your life is being controlled by the things you allow to drive your emotions and purpose. So stop feeding the negative emotions and start feeding the positive ones.


3. Never Complain


Negative Emotions


Yes. You read that right, never complain, even if it feels like nothing’s going right. Make decisions in your life today that you will never again be upset or angry over the things you cannot have impact on or change.

You should figure out how to take control of each circumstance in your life, rather than pointing the finger at others for the wrongs, accept the situation and look for a peaceful way to power through it. Forgive yourself for the past, learn how to let things go and move on.

When you turn toward the sunshine, the shadow falls behind you.

You can only affect people positively if you are a product of positivity.


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4. Get Yourself Busy


Here’s an old saying, ‘the devil only uses lazy hands for evil work.’ Most people tend to respond to a negative situation because at that moment they’re lazy or discouraged. If you want to get rid of negative emotions, get yourself busy working toward your goals and things that matter to you, so that you don’t have any time to think about or respond to any negative emotion from anyone.


Rather than getting stuck and becoming miserable, set important goals for yourself every day and take positive action toward achieving each goal. Your capacity to exert self-discipline and willpower in the acceptance of personal responsibility for your life will help you take complete control of your thoughts and emotions.

By doing that, you’ll become a much more effective, happy, and positive person in everything you do.
Decide today to accept 100% responsibility for everything you are and everything you become.


“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Denis Waitley


Think of one person in the past with whom you are finding it hard to forgive and choose to forgive that person completely for what happened. Doing this will set you free emotionally.

Accept the full responsibility for your financial problem and refuse to blame anyone for your financial situation. Rather, take the step to resolve the situation. Accept full responsibility for your health and start doing whatever is necessary to attain excellent health. Start flexing your muscles today to peacefully attend to all things you have accepted responsibility for and see how positive you’ll become.