All businesses will require an excessive work until it become independent in some way from everyday direct intervention from an entrepreneurs.


Therefore, work life balance is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with.


As an entrepreneur you already a lot of energy and time on planning, generating ideas, opportunity recognition, marketing, selling, research and development, managing, finances etc.





So, where are you here? What’s your compensation for your time and all of these efforts? You have your own life before and after you start a business.
You live with your family. That is your greatest treasure, your family and especially your children.


Being an entrepreneur means constantly struggling between work and family.


One of the frequently asked questions that comes to each entrepreneur is questions related to work life balance.


Probably you already have asked yourself HOW:


  • I can balance my work and my life?
  • to balance my work and my home life?
  • I can achieve better work life balance?
  • to balance my work and my personal life?






When we discuss work life balance in most cases we consider balancing our work life with our personal life. What is more important for you: work or family, business or family? This question is truly complex question when it comes to entrepreneur.


In the easiest shape, work life balance is managing your work and non-work aspects of your business and non-business aspect of your entrepreneurial life. Be that as it may, you are working because you want to make a better living for you and your family. If I need to say something about work life balance, I will simply say this:


Work life balance is the concept that implements managing business and personal life to achieve optimal working hours that can enable me and my family to have good life.


Now and then, there are wrong concepts between entrepreneurs who say that they must to work more if they want to earn more. But, more working hours does not mean more work done.If more working hours does not mean more work done, then more working hours also does not mean more earnings.





Managing work life balance is something that can lower your stress and improve your general life as an entrepreneur. This means that you must start managing your own time, plan your activities, understand your priorities, know exactly what satisfy you and what do not satisfy you, know exactly what create value for your customers, but also for you and your family.


Here are some advices that can help you with your own work life balance:






  • Plan ahead your day, week, month and year related to your business and non business activities. Your plan must be based on your business and personal activities and goals.
  • Keep your promises and control your achievement of everything that you plan about your business and your personal life.
  • Organize your business and personal activities. If you are not an organized entrepreneur, you can’t make enough balance between your personal and business activities.
  • Motivate yourself, your family and your employees for accomplishments of the tasks each of you must accomplish.





These additional tips are related to your efforts to establish real work life balance for yourself.






  1. Separate your whole time as work time and personal time.
  2. Create a list of top priorities.
  3. Forget low priority items, don’t bother yourself with them.
  4. Use a timer or alarm that will remind you to stop working for today.
  5. Use the same planner for work and non-work activities. Let’s left side be for working activities and right-side for non-working activities.
  6. Be sure that each week you have prepared a schedule for the next week. You can answer these ten questions that you should ask before the start of the next week.
  7. Start delegating everything that can be done from others, and not from you.
  8. Promise only what you can deliver to family and your clients/customers.
  9. Clearly define what is expected from you when it comes to your company and your family.
  10. Start listening your body.