Being an entrepreneur, one of the best challenges you will face is the lack of time. Small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with the sheer challenge of simply getting more done in less time.

Many individuals don’t have the capacity to take the time to define their top priorities. What is my project goals, most important challenge and what should I need to do first and well? Choosing what tasks are most important for your project success will give you a clear road map of what to concentrate on.

Regardless of that you want to generate a real ROI for your business or good time management tools to rectify your time inefficiencies. Finding the particular solutions and tools to help you overcome these issues is key.

Nobody can deny the limitless benefits the latest technology tools have given us. They have evidently permitted us to connect, execute, improve and leverage your resources beyond what was once impossible. We all make daily use of a broad range of different tools and devices to make life a little bit easier and more profitable.

You are a small business owner and you are not making the most of the hundreds of online tools and apps out there?Aware or not, you are certainly missing out on a great chance for an extraordinary open door. With so many apps to choose from, how do you know which one is the right for your startup? Clearly, everything relies upon on your business needs.

These are the top apps and tools to support you with the most common productivity and time management challenges.

Get everything done more efficiently


If you are looking for a efficiency suite for your business that can help you and your resources be more productive, TaskQue is a advantageous option to meet your project deadlines. TaskQue is a free app that is tailor-made to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to get more work done and stay organized. The remarkable features of Queue and Workload have made TaskQue an amazing online project management system among hundreds of other solutions available on the market. It can help your resources to avoid overburdening while dealing with all tasks easily.

With TaskQue, entrepreneurs can basically guarantee that their projects will complete on time and on

budget while getting a higher return on investment for your business. An amazing Queue feature has made the resource utilization process simpler with its automatic resource allocation algorithm. All you need is simply assign tasks to your team and set the workload of your choice. These tasks will remain hidden in the task list until the user completes the current task. This way you can increase employees’ productivity without overburdening your team.

File storage and sharing


Google Docs incorporates with Gmail while allowing users to create, store and share data online. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a word document, spreadsheet, database or presentation, everything is present and can integrate with online storage. It helps small businesses to work smarter while reducing their running expenses. The feature of moving and sharing your documents to the cloud is truly astonishing. Now there is no reason to look for data storage or backup options as Google Docs is here to smartly handle it all. Additionally, it allows entrepreneurs to invest less time learning how to use this app and more time using this effective app to run their business.

Stay more efficient


Boomerang is an powerful tool that allows entrepreneurs to turn Gmail into a CRM system and task tracker at once. It allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time. This can be efficient and useful for getting prospects when they are more likely to respond. In addition, it helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks by informing when any of your resources or clients don’t respond to your email.

Organize your notes


Evernote is an awesome free productivity application that allows you to organize all your ideas, thoughts, and notes. You can do that in different ways such as voice, notes, and images. It gives you the option to record your meetings, interviews and thoughts, create a list, add voice or text attachments and share files with your team members. Also, it allows you to capture a photo, add it to your catalog of notes in a way that’s actually searchable by keywords.

Stay more focused


Focus at Will is an awesome productivity application that combines music and neuroscience to boost your productivity. You can increase your attention span by up to 400% by using this amazing app. It is perfect for those who find it difficult to focus while working.

Flawless communication


If your business needs innovative team collaboration app, then choose Slack. Slack has made team communication simpler and easier. Its pivotal functionality helps you separate messages, discussions, and notifications while sharing all types of documents, finding key information, and enabling you to fine-tune the notifications. Integration is an amazing feature that allows Slack to centralize all your documents and notifications into one searchable place where you can easily talk about and take action on each.

Wrapping it up

If you are running a small business or you are a startup, these amazing tech tools can help you perform your business operations more easily and build better team communication at your rising startup.