Freelancing offers a lot of flexibility and freedom that a regular desk job can’t.


You get to choose the type of work you do, what time of the day you work and for how long at a time, who you collaborate with, the location you work from and the volume of work you take on. You’re able to make choices that suit your individual needs and strengths.



As a freelancer, you’re no longer trying to fit into a company culture or work schedule that might put you under physical, emotional and mental stress. This flexibility has a lot of benefits, here are five surprising ones you might not have realized.


  1. You’re less likely to get sick


Most freelancers work from home. Freelancing can actually keep you from getting sick because you deal with all your colleagues and clients remotely. Nowadays a lot of offices are moving away from the cubicle layout and creating open plans to increase communication and encourage collaboration. According to a Danish research, these efforts also make it much easier for people to get sick. The study found that the more people working in one room, the more sick days those people take. And employees in fully open offices take 62% more sick days than those in cubicle offices. Freelancing keeps you away from getting a workplace bug and bringing it home to your family members.




  1. You avoid the long commute


Most freelancers never have to leave home to go to work, which is great for time management, and even better for health. One research found that a 10-mile commute by car can lead to higher blood sugar and increased cholesterol. Another research found that people who commute by bus for 30 minutes have the lowest levels of life satisfaction. The effects of a long traveling even affect cyclists. Choosing to be a freelancer means you can work from home and reduce your traveling to zero.



  1. You control your workload


One of the good parts of being a freelancer is that you get to say when enough is enough. If you are too busy and have too many clients and can’t handle the stress, you can drop one. And as it turns out, controlling your workload is better for your health. Study from Kansas State University found that employees who work more than 50 hours per week suffer from decreased physical and mental health. Another study by European researchers found that working 10 hours or more every day can increase your risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, by 55%.


  1. You can exercise at optimum times


Keeping a workout schedule with a day job can be challenging because you have to squeeze it in either before work or after. Work as a freelancer, you can exercise whenever it works for you, even in the middle of the day. And it turns out working out in the middle of the day comes with a lot of benefits: Your lungs perform better, your muscle strength is at its peak and your risk of injury is at its lowest point.


  1. You’re your own boss


If you’re a freelancer and have a client who’s a real pain, you can always drop them off. Freelancers are their own bosses and can avoid all the stress that comes from working for someone difficult. Working for a bad boss or manager can have a number of negative effects, such as sleep problems, depression, high blood pressure and weight issues. Working in such environment also can lead to greater risk for heart disease.