We all know the importance of goals setting strategy, it can help you to be more accountable, and will contribute to achieve what you truly want.

Whether you strive to get started on that new project, spend more time at home with your family, launch a new product/service, or want to lose weight, many of us simply state our main goals but fail to set deadlines and track our progress towards achieving our goals.

Integrating your goals as part of your digital life is an effective way to keep your goals top of mind and help keep you motivated. Some apps even allow you to make your goals public, in order to help to hold you accountable and garner support from friends and family.


Try some of these 5 apps and finally cross some goals off your bucket list:


GoalsOnTrack (Free / Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7).


Relying on best practices in personal development and psychology principles, this goals setting and personal-productivity app guides you through the process of goals setting. Starting from recording your goal, main purpose, start and end date, to creating an action plan and tracking progress strategy. Use one of GoalsOnTrack’s goal templates and customize your own action strategy, then track progress by placing a checkmark beside completed tasks. This app also has included journal which will help you to record your progress and a habit tracker that provides a visual guide of your successes.

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Image credit: Goals on Track 

LifeTick (starting at $2.50/month for individuals or $14/month for business / Available for iPhone, Android and iPad).


This goal-tracking app starts with establishing your core values, then similar to GoalsOnTrack, asks you to follow the S.M.A.R.T goals setting method (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-specific) and create tasks or steps in order achieve your goal. Unlike on GoalsOnTrack, LifeTick allows you to invite your closest ones to view your progress. There’s also a LifeTick for business goal-setting so you can set team goals, assign tasks and track each individual’s progress.

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Image credit: Lifetick


Irunurun (Free for personal version / Available on iPhone and iPad).

This performance and accountability app argues that actions speak louder than goals. Begin by entering your main action, or habit, you want to track. Then weigh the action by assigning it a point value out of 100. Your score at the beginning of the week will start at zero and will increase as much as you complete actions. If you complete each action entered at the appointed time each day, you would earn a perfect score of 100 for the week. This app also allows you to share your reaching with others. So you can invite friends, family or colleagues to any action and build and they can encourage your progress. Irunurun has three versions of this app: for personal, team and enterprise use.

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Image credit: irunurun

Lift (Free / Available for iPhone, Android).


This app claims that goals are most easily achieved when we’re being held accountable by others. Using the method of crowdsourced encouragement, Lift allows you to choose your goals and then select the type of coaching you require: motivation, advice, or prompting from the Lift community. If you need you can hire a coach, get props from other users and set up reminders to do tasks.

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Image credit: coach.me

StickK (Free / Available for iPhone, Android).


If vision boards and pie charts are not enough to encourage you, perhaps you need the stickK approach. This app, developed by Yale University economists, will cost you real money if you fail to reach your main goal. You will set a commitment contract binds you to a goal. You will set your goal and the time frame you want to achieve it in, then state how much money you want to invest and where you want that money to go if you fail to reach your goal. Next, nominate a referee to monitor your progress. This person acts as an independent third party who logs into the app to monitor your progress.

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TIPSSO TEAM wishes you lack in your goals achieving journey, and share with us which app did you choose and what kind of experience you had 🙂