There were studies before proving that there is direct connection between our IQ and our ability to succeed in life.

In school, we’re ranked by our GPA and they are obsessed with how their students rank compared to others.


On the other side the question is how people which left from school were so successful?

Latest research shows that IQ only accounts for about 20% of success.


The major determinants of success are social and emotional intelligence.

Still there’s small emphasis put on developing emotional intelligence. Only a handful of schools have any formal programs that address emotional intelligence.



Top 5 Reasons why EQ Determines Success in Life

It is very important to develop your emotional skills, because our emotional intelligence has such a large impact on our success in life. Here are the top five reasons:


EQ has a greater impact on success than other factors.

It has been said that your IQ can land you a job, but your lack of EQ can get you fired.

As I already mention your IQ only accounts for 20% of your success in life. Your emotional intelligence and social intelligence are much greater determinants of the success you will achieve in life.


Higher EQ leads to healthy relationships with others.

Our emotional skills have a direct connection on our relationships with others. We need to understand our feelings, where they come from, and how to accurately express them. We will not achieve healthy relationships unless we can control our emotions, communicate our feelings, and very important understand the feelings of others.


Pay the price today and delay the rewards

The ability to delay gratification is a main indicator of future success. People who are able to pay the price today and delay the rewards are much more likely to succeed in life. Unfortunately we become a nation seeking instant gratification and results.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs are having that kind of drive at the begging.

Can you remember how many stories you’ve heard that they start their business in garage, totally broke? And on the end, they got their reward….


Emotional health impacts physical health.

There is a direct relation between our emotional health and our physical health. It has been estimated that over 80% of our health problems are stress-related. We experience stress primarily because we are not comfortable emotionally. For that reason, we need to understand the link between our emotional health and our physical health.


Poor EQ is linked to unethical behaviors.

Unfortunately, there’s a direct relation between poor emotional skills and the rising crime rate. Children who have low EQ become social outcasts at a very young age.

Poor social and emotional skills contribute to poor attention in class as well as feelings of frustration. That kind of students rapidly fall behind in school, and may tend to make friends with others in the same boat. The path to crime starts early in life. While there’s no doubt that family and environment are the main thread for poor emotional and social skills.