“There’s a vivid, amazing, priceless masterpiece hanging right in front of you. It’s sophisticated and detailed, careful work of deep dedication and love. The colors and textures are like no other – they soar and dip, they shine bright and leap right out at you! And yet you focus your eyes on the minor, dark housefly that has landed on the edge this masterpiece. Why would you choose to do such a thing?”
He cracked a half smile in my direction and then shifted her gaze down to the ground.


“Look,” I said, “the point here is that there’s no possible way to be 100% certain about anything in this world. Life, like good art, is sophisticated, complex and unpredictable. So you’re left with a decision: either appreciate it and look for the magnificence in it, or focus on the worst and dwell on it.”


But if you expect the worst, you’re never disappointed,” he said under his breath.

“No doubt, but who really lives that way?” I replied. “No one – that’s who! People die slowly every day like that, without ever truly living!”




That’s the gist of a Skype conversation I had recently with a one of my mentees. He initially started the conversation by telling me that expecting negative things to happen is his way of coping with life’s challenges.  If you can relate in any way at all, it’s time to remodel your mindset.


And make no misconstruction about it, when you are feeling down in the dumps, the battle you are going through isn’t filled by the words or actions of others, and it isn’t filled by what did or didn’t happen in the past either.  It’s filled completely by your mind that gives negativity a voice.


Letting negative thoughts inside you and acting on them is the single greatest barrier to living a great life.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it now again, the mind is your battleground. 


It’s the place where the fiercest and most ruthless conflict resides.  Where half of the things you feared were going to happen, never actually happened.  It’s where your expectations always get the best of you.  Where you fall victim to your own train of thought time and time again.


And if you allow these self-defeating thoughts to dwell in your mind, they will succeed in robbing you of peace, happiness, productivity, meaning, and generally your life.  You will think yourself into endless disappointment, heartache, and even depression.


You are what you think!  And you can’t change anything if you can’t change your thinking.




But are you ready for the silver lining?


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YES! YOU CAN change the way you think.

And if you can change the way you think, you can master a new way to be.


Master Your Mindset

Think better and you will Live better!




An effective mindset is the key thing that makes the best use of all your available resources, your time, energy, opportunities, etc. And uses them to support growth and positive change. It’s not about trying to do everything and be everything. What’s more, it’s not about living a perfect life. It’s about being present, being accepting, and making the very best of what’s in front of you.


Your mindset is the keystone and bedrock for everything that happens in your life. As you work to change your mindset, this is what you can expect from striking the right balance:


  • A strong sense of purpose, confidence, and faith
  • Consistent motivation, drive and commitment to significant pursuits
  • Clear, goal insight into current obstacles and opportunities
  • A feeling of peace and satisfaction from making consistent daily progress


I truly believe that this sounds like something worth working on.  Because it truly is.