Most of us have favorite color. There’s actually science behind our first choice.

Office color can affect our emotions in different ways and thus influence our behaviors.


This fact underscores the importance of our office color design. If clients or visitors are turned off by your environment, they probably won’t want to do deal with you.


Keep in mind, however, that the following suggestions aren’t going to be universal. Reactions to colors can be highly individualized due to a person’s past.


Office Color and Their Psychology 


When deciding what colors to use in your office space, think about the emotion you want to elicit. While blue is a great color, yellow may evoke the emotions you’re seeking for your space. For that reason, here are a few options and the emotions they typically carry:


  1. Green encourages your creativity. It is a symbol of balance, also green can suggest growth and calm. Dark green is used to indicate prestige and wealth. Turquoise green is the color of creativity and mass communication, so it’s a very good choice for training room walls.color office
  2. Red office color reduces analytical thinking. However, it promotes productivity in physical activities. Depending on your industry, red may be a good choice in some cases.color office
  1. Blue denotes loyalty, honesty, wisdom, conservatism, security, and confidence. It also stimulates your mind, so it can increase analytical thinking.color office
  2. Yellow is the least likely to be a favorite color for your office choice. For that reason it should be used sparingly.
  3. Orange is associated with a good deal. So it can be a good office choice if you are welcoming your clients very often.color office
  4. Pink calms people down. It usually helps settle most people down for about 30 minutes, after which they can remain in a calmer state. That’s why this color is used very often in massage and beauty centers.
  5. White may lead to boredom. Too much of a monochromatic look can cause people to reflect on their daydream and their own thoughts.


Color design elicits emotions, and if it’s used correctly, even a small change can optimize daily operations. Depending on your industry and use for your space, different office color can be used to help your productivity.