If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.




We are much busier than generations before us. Working, paying bills, walking our dogs, feeding our families healthy meals, these are all the things we have to do during the week. Excluding the stuff we want to do, like taking our kids to the park, going to massage or practicing self-care. If we don’t have planned schedule for the week, it can feel like we’re fighting a schedule hydra: Once we finish one task, three more take its place. And that’s not a fun place to be.


I’m a big believer in automation, for example, scheduling repeated tasks that take the guesswork out of my workflow. For that reason, I have a secret weapon that helps me automate my housework and curb stress for the entire week: Sunday prep strategy.


For me, Sunday prep means spending one hour preparing my family and home for the next six days, then filling my own tank with the good stuff so I can be the best wife, mom and businesswoman possible.


I run my own company day planner and when I designed my Sunday prep checklist, I believe I made a giant difference in our productivity and peace of mind. But more importantly, I believe this checklist provides space for the stuff that matters most, dinnertime conversations, evening walks in the neighborhood and actual time with the people we love.


Some argue against the idea of Sunday prep strategy because Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.


But you know what? Even though I’m busy getting ready for the week, that Sunday prep is actually restful for me because on Sunday evening, when I’m prepared for a week, I find peace in the calm I’ve created. One hour is nothing if I can have a better schedule for the rest of the week. Lunches are made, the fridge is stocked, and laundry is folded and put away. Family’s schedules are synced and you’re ready to tackle Monday. Of course, not every Sunday ends this way. But when it does, I feel like I have space to breathe and to enjoy the small things.


For that reason here are four ways you can automate your housework and breathe a little easier during the week:


sunday prep