Sundays have always had a bittersweet feeling for me. Even when I was just a little girl, I knew it meant the “last day of freedom” before I was pushed into the regularity of the weekdays.

As an entrepreneur, Sundays has taken on a whole new meaning. I just love what I do during the weekdays and weekends are rarely work-free for me. But Monday through Friday definitely have a different focus and energy as do the weekends, and the last thing I want to do is look groggy and cranky on Monday morning.

Well, for me is very important to create a Sunday that is the perfect mix of preparing for the week and enjoying in the restfulness of the weekend.



1. Work in the morning

Sunday mornings have the feeling of peace and relaxation. The weekend is still lasting and the energy is positive and happy. If you need to do some work so you’re not slammed on Monday, take an hour or two in the morning to do finish it. Make yourself ready for the week, accomplished and excited to go relax for the rest of the day. A very important thing is to be free of that feeling of “I gotta get this done today” that can linger over all day long and take you out of enjoying the ease of Sunday.

2. Forget about your to-do list

Once you’ve finished your work in the morning, put aside your to-do list. Save it for Monday. While you may have excited yourself about what you’re getting set up to do for the week ahead, hide all those tasks. Simply leave the work and go spend your day as you like.

3. Don’t check your email


Not once.  You’ve already done the work you need to, and that may have included checking your emails.  Once your time is up, don’t get sucked back into this gap of work!  It will totally take you out of the present moment and I guarantee you will feel thrown out of Sunday mood because of it.

4. Go play


The most important step is to get out and go do something you love. Go on a long drive with your spouse, go out to brunch with your sister, take your kids on an adventure to the neighborhood park, go swim at the beach. It doesn`t matter it is, get out and go enjoy in the world. You will accomplish two things. First you’ll have a great time and second you’ll go into your week feeling full with positive energy and grateful for getting out of the house and of your routine.

5. Go to bed early

This is a hard one because if you’ve spent your day finishing some work in the morning and relaxing and playing the rest of the day, you don’t want the Sunday to end!  However, going to bed early ensures that you’re well-rested for the week that is coming.  If you’re a late-night person and love to catch up on work at night, resist the temptation! The feeling of getting up early on Monday morning feeling rested, refreshed and ready to take on the world is worth it.

Tell us what are YOUR habits on Sunday?  Share below!