Back in high school, we all wanted to have some specific talent like some of our other classmates. If you look back at some famous musicians, artists or entrepreneurs, it can seem that creativity is a gift possessed by the few lucky ones.


But in recent years, become famous and there were suggestions to teach creativity from an early age in schools and universities.


Researches find out that people are using limited capacity of their brain and they suggested that it’s possible to prime the mind for creative ideas to emerge.


Creativity in some places is taught as an academic discipline, so the question is why these techniques are not taught in more schools?


Creativity is not 100% flexible, personality sets its limits, but still can be nurtured via deliberate interventions, especially over a long period of time.  Studies suggest that genes determine only 10% of the variability in creative potential, so there is definitely a lot of room for development.


For that reason there are some creativity techniques that you can practice in order to become more inventive:




In order to expand your creative horizons, surround yourself with new range of perspectives and experiences. A diverse workplace is helpful, but it
isn’t enough. Every day when you will finish with work, seek variety in what you eat, where are with whom you hang out, the places you travel, or the books you read etc.

Steven Smith, professor of cognitive psychology at Texas A&M University said “Diversity introduces all kinds of new stimuli and it opens you up to a number of new possibilities.” For that reason make one month list and each day try to do something new, and after it you will see the results. You will be more likely to find an unusual solution when you have more options at your fingertips.


“If you think of 99 stupid, impossible ideas and one that works, then that was time well spent,” Smith says.

Train your creativity


So for this task you need to choose two objects, let’s say shoe and iron nail, you have 10 minutes to think of as much as ideas what you can do with them. Practice this at your first day and write with how many ideas you came up. After 30 ideas do this again with two different objects and check with how many ideas you will came up now.




Are you stereotypical guy which doesn’t really accepts new concepts and experience? Then you need to know that the most creative people are typically very open people. If you are someone who resists new ideas and experiences, that does not mean you cannot be creative. It just means that you need to practice and develop a new set of habits to try new ideas rather than rejecting them. If you find yourself unwilling to consider new ideas or dismiss things that are “not the way we do things here,” try this exercise:creativity


Think about some idea or experience which you are completely against it. Google it and go in forums to check why people are doing it and why they enjoy in it. After this process doesn’t mean that you will become fan of it, just the main goal is to become more open and to understand why others enjoy in that. The familiarity can help you open yourself up to new prospects.



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