When someone asks you why you like to travel, you probably give some vague answer related to experiencing new things, meeting new people, widening your horizons …

But none of these answers reflects the change travels, especially extended travels make within you.




1. Travel DOES affect your personality


When you’re outside of your comfort zone, how can it not affect you?

Be that as it may, scientifically speaking, there is this psychological concept of the “Big Five”. It alludes to the five dominant personality attributes: openness, extroversion, neuroticism, meticulousness and agreeableness.

Communicating with new people and immersing yourself in a new culture directly affect your openness personality trait, and, depending on your overall experience, it can affect the others as well.

These are lasting effects.


2. A new perspective on life




Every culture has its own set of values. The best way to get to know what they are is to observe how individuals interact.

This makes you more mindful of the culture you came from, and you stop taking things for granted. This can make you appreciate your roots more than you used to, but it can likewise make you question your culture’s ways and maybe enhance them, at least in your micro environment.

Regardless, you’re ready to put things into perspective, and that’s something you can’t get if you stay in the place where you grew up your whole life.


3. You’re more stable emotionally


When you’re stuck in a routine, day-to-day life, any change could bring unease, just because you’re not used to them.

Travels require you to change a lot of things. From your eating routine and workout schedule to the above mentioned perspective. It helps you accept that deviating from your everyday routine is nothing to be afraid of. So you lose, bit by bit, the angst and fear you were holding on to.

Living without any regrets? Travels are the best way to make that happen!


4. You develop a closer relationship with life


From speaking another language to getting around, you have no choice than to be very focused on what’s going on around you.

That idea of mindfulness you’ve been trying to apply to your life, traveling leaves you no other option. You get more perceptive, your brain works stronger and faster, and, as no daydreaming is allowed, you simply have to live in the moment.






5. The chances of falling in love increase.


In this new surrounding you’re completely removed from your reality. No usual worries and responsibilities, and you’re totally allowed to reinvent yourself.

You’re relaxed, so life seems better, so you’re more open and more likely to give a chance to someone you’re hiking, exploring beaches and new cuisines with.

Outside of your comfort zone, falling in love is such a common thing.


I can see you packing your bags 🙂