Do you fear the next morning, not wanting to leave your cozy warm bed? Do you hit the snooze button a least 3 times and just can’t make it out of bed? If you answered any of these with yes, I know how it feels.


After waking up you wouldn’t know what to do, each step is a hard decision. You check your phone mindlessly, either spending hours unproductively in bed or the other way round sleeping as long as possible, so you have to rush out of bed to get ready feeling stressed and unfulfilled.


Been there, done that. Over the last three years I’ve been improving my mornings, started a routine and feel better since than.

These six tips will help you getting up easier.




1. Drink two glasses of water right after waking up


After a whole night’s sleep your body is naturally dehydrated. By drinking a glass of water right after you wake up, you give your body the needed water and flushes out any toxins that have been released during your body’s repair. It kickstarts your metabolism and you feel sharp and refreshed.

I drink one liter in the first two hours after waking up.


2. Make your room light and bright


You’ve likely heard of the hormone melatonin that is being released in the evening to help you fall asleep and sleep. Light plays a significant role in the melatonin level in your blood stream. At night you should dim the lights to increase this sleep-inducing hormone.

In the morning it’s not needed anymore. Though your body is already decreasing the melatonin level before you wake up, you can give it a little boost by turning on the light and/or open the curtains. It would be good to also open the window, which leads us to the next point.

3. Open the window and breathe in deeply


Open your window and let the cool air get into your room. The used up oxygen must be replaced with fresh oxygen. Oxygen is vital for efficient brain activity and helps your body transport the energy into every cell of your body. So stand by the window or balcony and take some deep breaths. You can close your eyes to intensify the moment.

4. Stretch and exercise


Stretching your body is a perfect way to instantly feel more awake. Your muscles haven’t been greatly moved during your sleep and the muscles have been loose, leading to stuck fluids here and there. Stretching is like a wake up call for your muscles that says “Good morning, lets get going!”. It activates the fluids in your body and muscles and you feel more alert and better than before.

All together, the water, the sun shining into your face and the air hitting your lungs, what more can you wish for?


5. Do something you look forward to today


Obviously, every one of those physical changes in the morning may give your body a chance to wake up and trust me, this is very effective. But we human beings need a bit more than that. We want the joy, the happiness, the fun. Do something you truly enjoy right in the morning. It lifts up your mood, sets you into a positive mindset and will last during the day.

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6. Tell your loved ones good morning


Reach out to a lovely person and tell them good morning. May that be the people you live with, your cute pet waiting for you by the door or a significant other on the other side of the country. Humans are in need of social connections to feel good and to survive. By connecting to somebody right in the morning you feel happy and well.


There you have it. Do whatever makes you happy. Making sure to go to bed on time, sleeping enough and not using the snooze button. If you want to have an easy positive morning, simply implement all these tips to your morning routine, work on it every day and let it run on automation soon.