roiWhat is the ROI (return of investment) of not giving a fuck what other people think?


It is part of the human nature to want to be liked and accepted. However, this often leads to people worrying too much about what others are thinking about them.


This kind of worrying can have a negative effect on your life.




For that reason here are 5 reasons why you should not give a fuck what other people think:


It will slow you down

If you are constantly worried about what other people think, it will slow you down and you will never get to where you need to go in life.

You are going to do things that will meet other people’s standards. But that is not the right decision.

Maybe you will come into situations where you have to put your pride, and your reputation on the line to get what you want. And that is exactly what you have to do and don’t worry what other people are thinking.


People’s Thoughts Change On A Regular Basis


People are constantly changing. Some philosophers and theorists suggest that we are in a constant state of flux, so much that we cannot even say we have one, specific ‘self’ (or a fixed personality). People’s ideas, thoughts and views change on a regular basis.

That means even if somebody fives you negative feedback at the moment, there is a good chance they will think differently in the near future. So basically, people’s opinion sometimes don’t really matter.


They Don’t Know What’s Best For You


Nobody will ever be as devoted in your life as you. Only you know what your drive is and that entails learning from your own choices.

The only way you will ever truly learn is through making your own mistakes and decisions.

You need to take full responsibility for your action, and that way if you fail, at least you can learn from it wholeheartedly, as opposed to blaming somebody else.


Others Don’t Care As Much As You Think


People generally don’t think outside themselves a great deal of time. It is simple truth that the average person filters their world through their ego, meaning that they assume about most things in terms of “me” or “my”.

Did it happened to you, to say to your friend “I have such a big headache”, and they will respond “Yeah, me too, probably is because of the weather”.

This means that, unless who you are or what you have done directly affects another person or their life, they are unlikely to spend much time thinking about you at all.


The Hard Truth: It’s Impossible To Please Everybody

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. It is impossible and you shouldn’t live up to everyone’s expectations.

There is no ROI if you care, so what’s the point in burning yourself out trying to do so.



There is no real ROI if you give a fuck and care about everything that you mom, girlfriend or your best man is saying. The weight of other’s thought can become a burden for you. It can inhibit you from living the life you wanted. Your entire personality (your thoughts, your actions) are controlled by an idealized standard of what people want to see.


So you can make a conscious effort to stop giving a damn; to let yourself free. It’s a skill that needs to be practiced, same like meditating. But once you truly understand how to let go, you will see the world as entirely different.

Once you give up catering to other people’s opinion and thoughts, you will find out who you truly are, and that freedom will be like taking a breath for the first time.